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Colored Contacts Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Contacts Based on Your Skin Tone and Eye Shape?

Dec 15,2023 | Lense365

On the journey of pursuing fashion and beauty, colored contacts have become a must-have item for many beauty enthusiasts. However, faced with the dazzling array of colored contacts on the market, how to choose the most suitable contacts based on your skin tone and eye shape has become a concern for many wearers. Today, as a seasoned colored contacts brand, Lense365 will share some practical buying tips to help you find that perfect pop of color in the world of colored contacts.

1. Understand Your Skin Tone
Skin tone is one of the important factors to consider when choosing colored contacts. Different skin tones suit different colored contacts. Generally, people with lighter skin tones are suitable for bright and vibrant colored contacts, such as light blue, pink, purple, etc., which can highlight the fairness and radiance of the skin. On the other hand, people with darker skin tones can choose darker shades of contacts, such as brown, gray, black, etc., which can better blend with the skin tone and create deep and mesmerizing eyes.

Of course, besides the conventional skin tone classification, we also need to consider the warm and cool undertones of the skin. People with cool undertones are suitable for cool-toned contacts, such as blue, green, etc., while people with warm undertones are more suitable for warm-toned contacts, such as brown, orange, etc. By understanding our skin tone type and undertone, we can more accurately select the colored contacts that suit us.

2. Analyze Your Eye Shape
In addition to skin tone, eye shape is also an important factor to consider when buying colored contacts. Different eye shapes suit different styles of contacts.

Large Eyes: People with large eyes are suitable for natural-style contacts, avoiding overly exaggerated or complex styles. Simple and natural contacts can highlight the brightness and clarity of the eyes.

Small Eyes: People with small eyes can choose contacts with enlarging effects, such as radial patterns or widened edges. These styles can visually enlarge the eyes, making them appear more vibrant.

Round Eyes: People with round eyes can try contacts with elongating effects, such as vertical patterns or cat-eye styles. These styles can elongate the shape of the eyes, making them appear more elongated.

Narrow Eyes: People with narrow eyes can choose contacts with horizontal patterns or ring designs, which can increase the width of the eyes, making them appear fuller.

3. Pay Attention to Comfort and Safety
When choosing colored contacts, we should not only pay attention to their appearance but also focus on their comfort and safety. It is recommended to choose colored contacts from reputable brands to avoid purchasing low-quality products. Additionally, when wearing colored contacts, we should pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, regularly replace the care solution, and clean the contact lens case to avoid bacterial growth and eye infections.

4. Consider Personal Style and Occasions
Finally, when choosing colored contacts, we should also consider our personal style and the requirements of different occasions. The styles and colors of contacts needed for different occasions vary. For example, natural-style contacts can be chosen for daily life, while more exaggerated or vibrant styles can be chosen for parties or special occasions to highlight personality.

In conclusion, choosing colored contacts requires considering factors such as skin tone, eye shape, comfort and safety, as well as personal style and occasion requirements. By carefully selecting and trying out different styles and colors, we can surely find the colored contacts that suit us best.