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How to Correctly Choose and Purchase the Right Prescription for Colored Contact Lenses?

Apr 18,2024 | Lense365


When it comes to buying colored contact lenses, selecting the right prescription is crucial. It not only affects comfort but also directly impacts eye health. So, how can we accurately choose the right colored contact lens prescription? Selecting the right colored contact lens prescription is a process that requires careful consideration. Here are some specific steps and suggestions to help you make the right choice:

1. Understand Your Vision Condition:
   - If you don't have nearsightedness or farsightedness issues, you can choose contact lenses with 0 power.
   - If you have nearsightedness, you need to know your exact prescription, usually obtained through a professional eye examination.

2. Choose the Right Colored Contact Lens Based on Prescription:
   - Low Prescription (Below 400 Degrees):
     Within this range, you can directly choose contact lenses with the same power as your eyeglasses.
   - High Prescription (Above 400 Degrees):
     - 400-500 Degrees: Reduce by 25 degrees;
     - 550-725 Degrees: Reduce by 50 degrees;
     - 750-850 Degrees: Reduce by 75 degrees;
     - 850-1000 Degrees: Reduce by 100 degrees.
     These reductions are based on the prescription of framed glasses because colored contact lenses directly adhere to the eyeball, with a different distance from the lens to the eyeball compared to framed glasses.

3. Handling Astigmatism:
   If your astigmatism is above 150 degrees, wearing colored contact lenses may not correct your vision as effectively as framed glasses. This is because colored contact lenses usually do not include astigmatism correction. In this case, you may need to consider custom-made toric contact lenses or choose framed glasses.

4. Consultation with Professionals:
   Before selecting the colored contact lens prescription, it's best to consult with an eye doctor or a professional optometrist. They can provide you with more accurate advice to ensure that the prescription you choose is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, without compromising eye health.

5. Considerations:
   Apart from the prescription, factors like material, oxygen permeability, and water content of the colored contact lenses should also be considered to ensure comfort and safety. If you have never worn contact lenses or colored contact lens prescriptions before, it's advisable to undergo an eye examination first to ensure that your eyes are suitable for wearing such products. If you experience any discomfort during wear, you should immediately stop wearing them and consult a doctor.

In summary, choosing the right colored contact lens prescription is a process that involves considering multiple factors. By understanding your vision condition, consulting professionals, and paying attention to other parameters of the product, you can find the most suitable colored contact lenses product for yourself.Lense365 offers a wide variety of prescription colored contact lenses.To view our collection, click the link and browse through our products.